Brea Reese is not a traditional paint company. Don’t get us
wrong, we hand craft the highest quality traditional artist colors,
but that is about the only thing that’s traditional. From the day
we filled our first tube of paint, our mission has been to inspire
artists of all levels to create amazing works of art.
Our acrylic paint is created with pure pigments with no fillers.
This insures your art will be vibrant and completely colorfast.

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Our high quality glitter inks and water color inks will help any
artist create unique looks and finishes. Our mediums and tools are
sure to become favorites as they allow you to easily add texture
and dimension on any surface.

When you create your work of art with Brea Reese paints, you can
be sure that generations later it will still look as good as the day
you painted it.

Watercolor Inks from Brea Reese are perfect for making colorful backgrounds for your card projects! Combine with water and let the beautiful colors dance across your paper.  Made with no filers or additives, these inks have a high tinting strength that will create luminous, transparent colors on all of your pieces.  Plus, the inks dry quickly without leaving brush strokes and are all 100% acid free.